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Dual Range AC Power Sources

Max. Voltage 270Vrms
Min. Power 500VA
Max. Power 3kVA
Technology Switch Mode
Output Phases 1
The EAC-I is a highly versatile single phase AC Power Supply. In-built pulse width modulation technology allows for systems to be built into a lightweight 3U rackmounting case. Each system features two current and voltage ranges which are user selectable by the simple switch of a button.

This wide output range makes the EAC-I ideal for a wide range of military, aerospace and power conversion test applications. Full control of the unit is provided by simple front panel operation as standard. For remote control and automated test systems both isolated analogue and computer interfaces are available, as listed in the options table overleaf.

Each system features a graphical display with an extensive set of measurement functions. This includes effective, apparent and idle power along with voltage, average and peak current values. Power factor and crest factor values are also displayed. The standard wide single phase input provides a typical input power factor of 0.99, allowing the EAC-I to operate under varying grid conditions found within most countries. Besides standard units, higher power and three phase models can be specified to meet a particular requirement.
Product Family
 Part NumberMax. PowerRange 1 VoltageRange 2 VoltageRange1 CurrentRange 2 Current
EAC-I 500500VA0 - 135Vrms0 - 270Vrms0 - 4A0 - 2A
EAC-I 10001kVA0 - 135Vrms0 - 270Vrms0 - 8A0 - 4A
EAC-I 15001.5kVA0 - 135Vrms0 - 270Vrms0 - 12A0 - 6A
EAC-I 20002kVA0 - 135Vrms0 - 270Vrms0 - 16A0 - 8A
EAC-I 30003kVA0 - 135Vrms0 - 270Vrms0 - 24A0 - 12A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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