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Single Phase Motor Driven AC Source

Max. Voltage 1kVrms
Min. Power 1.35kVA
Max. Power 13.5kVA
Technology Motor Driven
Output Phases 1
The EAC-MT series of rack mounting AC Sources are based on a motor driven transformer with galvanic isolation. The output voltage is programmable with a speed of 100V/sec. The regulation and adjustment accuracy is 1.5%. This figure can be optionally improved to 0.5% if required.

A number of computer interfaces are available. These include IEEE488.2, RS232, RS485 & USB. For users looking for analogue control a choice of either standard or isolated versions are available at 0-5Vdc or 0-10Vdc. Where the output frequency is required to be the same as the input frequency the EAC-MT is a cost effective and technically excellent solution. The units can be modified to meet particular applications.
Product Family
 Part NumberPowerVoltageCurrentDimensions
EAC-MT 27051350VA0 - 270Vrms5A19" x 4U x 440mm
EAC-MT 27061620VA0 - 270Vrms6A19" x 6U x 440mm
EAC-MT 27082160VA0 - 270Vrms8A19" x 6U x 440mm
EAC-MT 270102700VA0 - 270Vrms10A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT 270123240VA0 - 270Vrms12A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT 270143780VA0 - 270Vrms14A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT 270164320VA0 - 270Vrms16A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT 270184860VA0 - 270Vrms18A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT 270205400VA0 - 270Vrms20A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT 270225940VA0 - 270Vrms22A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT 270256750VA0 - 270Vrms25A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT 270308100VA0 - 270Vrms30A19" x 12U x 440mm
EAC-MT 270359450VA0 - 270Vrms35A19" x 12U x 440mm
EAC-MT 2704010.8kVA0 - 270Vrms40A19" x 16U x 440mm
EAC-MT 2704512.1kVA0 - 270Vrms45A19" x 16U x 440mm
EAC-MT 2705013.5kVA0 - 270Vrms50A19" x 16U x 440mm
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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