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Three Phase Motor Driven AC Source

Max. Voltage 5kVrms
Min. Power 4.05kVA
Max. Power 40.5kVA
Technology Motor Driven
Output Phases 3
These AC Sources provide a 3 phase output. The standard range goes up to 50A per phase though higher powers are available on request. The EAC-MT-3P is based around a motor driven transformer with galvanic isolation. This approach is ideal for cost conscious users that do not require frequency adjustment or current limiting.

The output voltage level is adjustable and can also be preset and released with a rise time of 100V/sec. The regulation and adjustment accuracy is 1.5% as standard which can be optionally improved to 0.5%. Integrated analogue and computer interfaces are available including GPIB, RS232, RS485, CAN, LAN & USB. All units in the range are shipped in 19" cabinets as standard. Modified versions to suit particular applications are available on request.
Product Family
 Part NumberPowerVoltageCurrentDimensions
EAC-MT-3P 27053 x 1350VA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 5A19" x 4U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 27063 x 1620VA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 6A19" x 6U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 27083 x 2160VA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 8A19" x 6U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 270103 x 2700VA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 10A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 270123 x 3240VA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 12A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 270143 x 3780VA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 14A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 270163 x 4320VA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 16A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 270183 x 4860VA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 18A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 270203 x 5400VA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 20A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 270223 x 5940VA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 22A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 270253 x 6750VA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 25A19" x 10U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 270303 x 8100VA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 30A19" x 12U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 270353 x 9450VA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 35A19" x 12U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 270403 x 10.8kVA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 40A19" x 16U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 270453 x 12.1kVA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 45A19" x 16U x 440mm
EAC-MT-3P 270503 x 13.5kVA3 x 0 - 270Vrms3 x 50A19" x 16U x 440mm
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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