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DC-DC Converter

Input Voltage 220VDC
Output Voltage 220VDC
Max. Power 1800W
Case Style Rack mount
Isolated Yes
The CON-GWL range of DC/DC converters provide a rugged and reliable solution for convection cooled power. Operating from 24VDC to 220VDC and providing outputs of 12VDC to 220VDC at 650W to 1500W. This range is ideal for remote and unattended sites.

The power range can be extended with an optional fan tray which will cool up to 3 units. The parallel and N+1 option provide further security for critical load applications.
Product Family
 Part NumberOutput PowerInput VoltageOutput VoltageOutput Current
CON-GWL 24-12-55650W24V12V55A
CON-GWL 24-12-851000W24V12V85A
CON-GWL 24-15-45675W24V15V45A
CON-GWL 24-15-751100W24V15V75A
CON-GWL 24-24-35850W24V24V45A
CON-GWL 24-24-551300W24V24V55A
CON-GWL 24-48-17850W24V48V17A
CON-GWL 24-48-271300W24V48V27A
CON-GWL 24-60-14850W24V60V14A
CON-GWL 24-60-221300W24V60V22A
CON-GWL 24-110-8850W24V110V8A
CON-GWL 24-110-121300W24V110V12A
CON-GWL 24-220-4850W24V220V4A
CON-GWL 24-220-6850W24V220V6A
CON-GWL 48-60-12-65800W48-60V12V65A
CON-GWL 48-60-12-1001200W48-60V12V100A
CON-GWL 48-60-15-55850W48-60V12V55A
CON-GWL 48-60-15-751300W48-60V12V75A
CON-GWL 48-60-24-401000W48-60V24V40A
CON-GWL 48-60-24-601500W48-60V24V60A
CON-GWL 48-60-48-201000W48-60V48V20A
CON-GWL 48-60-48-301500W48-60V48V30A
CON-GWL 48-60-60-171000W48-60V60V17A
CON-GWL 48-60-60-251500W48-60V60V25A
CON-GWL 48-60-110-91000W48-60V110V9A
CON-GWL 48-60-110-131500W48-60V110V13A
CON-GWL 48-60-220-4.51000W48-60V220V4.5A
CON-GWL 48-60-220-71500W48-60V220V7A
CON-GWL 110-12-65800W110V12V65A
CON-GWL 110-12-1001200W110V12V100A
CON-GWL 110-15-55850W110V15V55A
CON-GWL 110-15-851300W110V15V85A
CON-GWL 110-24-401000W110V24V40A
CON-GWL 110-24-601500W110V24V60A
CON-GWL 110-48-201000W110V48V20A
CON-GWL 110-48-301500W110V48V30A
CON-GWL 110-60-171000W110V60V17A
CON-GWL 110-60-251500W110V60V25A
CON-GWL 110-110-91000W110V110V9A
CON-GWL 110-110-131500W110V110V13A
CON-GWL 110-220-4.51000W110V220V4.5A
CON-GWL 110-220-71500W110V220V7A
CON-GWL 220-12-65800W220V12V65A
CON-GWL 220-12-1001200W220V12V100A
CON-GWL 220-15-55850W220V15V55A
CON-GWL 220-15-851300W220V15V85A
CON-GWL 220-24-401000W220V24V40A
CON-GWL 220-24-601500W220V24V60A
CON-GWL 220-48-201000W220V48V20A
CON-GWL 220-48-301500W220V48V30A
CON-GWL 220-60-171000W220V60V17A
CON-GWL 220-60-251500W220V60V25A
CON-GWL 220-110-91000W220V110V9A
CON-GWL 220-110-131500W220V110V13A
CON-GWL 220-220-4.51000W220V220V4.5A
CON-GWL 220-220-71500W220V220V7A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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