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DC-DC Converter

Input Voltage 220VDC
Output Voltage 60VDC
Max. Power 750W
Case Style Modular
Isolated No
The CON-SMPS range of switch-mode DC/DC converters provides both single and multi output units with maximum output powers of 75 watts to 750 watts. The range switches at 100kHz and achieves efficiencies of 88%. This high efficiency translates into a very compact package and a lower level of input energy to power your application.

The units incorporate a passive power factor correction circuit and all components are derated to provide long term reliability and trouble free use. All units in the series are fully enclosed and have mounting options on either the base or side of the case.

The output characteristics are CC/CV and with over temperature, overload protection elevated operating temperature (70°C) and a conformal protection option these power supplies are suitable for a wide range of applications.

The power platforms in this range have formed the base of many customer specific requirements including: Industrial control systems, military systems, submersible vehicles plus many more.
Product Family
 Part NumberPowerVoltageCurrentWeight
CON-SMPS 75-5-DCx75W5V15A1.2kgs
CON-SMPS 75-12-DCx75W12 - 15V5A1.2kgs
CON-SMPS 75-24-DCx75W24 - 28V3A1.2kgs
CON-SMPS 75-48-DCx75W48 - 60V1.5A1.2kgs
CON-SMPS 150-5-DCx150W5V30A1.5kgs
CON-SMPS 150-12-DCx150W12 - 15V12A1.5kgs
CON-SMPS 150-24-DCx150W24 - 28V5A1.5kgs
CON-SMPS 150-48-DCx150W48 - 60V3.3A1.5kgs
CON-SMPS 250-5-DCx250W5V50A2.1kgs
CON-SMPS 250-12-DCx250W12 - 15V20A2.1kgs
CON-SMPS 250-24-DCx250W24 - 28V12A2.1kgs
CON-SMPS 250-48-DCx250W48 - 60V6A2.1kgs
CON-SMPS 350-5-DCx350W5V60A2.4kgs
CON-SMPS 350-12-DCx350W12 - 15V25A2.4kgs
CON-SMPS 350-24-DCx350W24 - 28V15A2.4kgs
CON-SMPS 350-48-DCx350W48 - 60V7.5A2.4kgs
CON-SMPS 500-12-DCx500W12 - 15V33A2.9kgs
CON-SMPS 500-24-DCx500W24 - 28V19A2.9kgs
CON-SMPS 500-48-DCx500W48 - 60V9A2.9kgs
CON-SMPS 750-12-DCx750W12 - 15V50A2.9kgs
CON-SMPS 750-24-DCx750W24 - 28V30A2.9kgs
CON-SMPS 750-48-DCx750W48 - 60V15A2.9kgs
CON-SMPS 750-90-DCx750W90 - 110V7A2.9kgs
CON-SMPS 750-125-DCx750W125 - 150V5A2.9kgs
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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