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DC Power Supply with Electronic Load

Max. Voltage 120V
Min. Power 120W
Max. Power 240W
Technology Linear
Case Style Desktop
The LAB-SL offers both DC source and load functions within one instrument. When used as a DC source it offers a precise and fast output due to its linear controlled output stage. A very fast setting time of typically 250µS can be achieved. In both constant voltage and constant current operation the voltage and current can be preset and read on the digital display. The OVP level can also be preset and read. The instrument can be used as a constant current load by simple push button selection.
Product Family
 Part NumberPowerOutputLoadCurrentDimensions
LAB-SL 8120W0 - 8VDC1 - 8VDC0 - 15A112 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SL 15120W0 - 15VDC1 - 15VDC0 - 8A112 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SL 30120W0 - 30VDC1 - 30VDC0 - 4A112 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SL 60120W0 - 60VDC1 - 60VDC0 - 2A112 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SL 120120W0 - 120VDC1 - 120VDC0 - 1A112 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SL 28240W0 - 8VDC1 - 8VDC0 - 30A224 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SL 215240W0 - 15VDC1 - 15VDC0 - 16A224 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SL 230240W0 - 30VDC1 - 30VDC0 - 8A224 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SL 260240W0 - 60VDC1 - 60VDC0 - 4A224 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SL 2120240W0 - 120VDC1 - 120VDC0 - 1A224 x 222 x 360mm
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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