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Primary Switched Benchtop DC Source

Max. Voltage 150V
Min. Power 500W
Max. Power 750W
Technology Switch Mode
Case Style Desktop
The LAB-SP family provides a wide range of outputs in a convenient desktop format. These primary switched DC Sources enable the user to preset voltage and current limits prior to releasing the output.

A useful feature is the adjustable over voltage protection. This provides an extra safeguard for sensitive loads in addition to the normal voltage limit. These units are also built with a sensing function to automatically compensate for voltage drops in the output lines. Active power factor correction of 0.99 is provided as standard. If rack mounting is required then these units can be optionally built as 6U euro cassettes. A variety of analogue and computer interfaces are available for remote control.
Product Family
 Part NumberPowerOutputCurrentDimensions
LAB-SP 515500W0 - 15VDC0 - 35A112 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SP 535500W0 - 35VDC0 - 15A112 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SP 570500W0 - 70VDC0 - 7.5A112 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SP 5150500W0 - 150VDC0 - 3.5A112 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SP 715750W0 - 15VDC0 - 50A112 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SP 735750W0 - 35VDC0 - 25A112 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SP 770750W0 - 70VDC0 - 12A112 x 222 x 360mm
LAB-SP 7150750W0 - 150VDC0 - 5A112 x 222 x 360mm
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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