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About Us

About ETPS Limited

In today's world, good customer service is in short supply. Our impressive history has been generated by positive people who convert their skill and energy into power systems that are built to last.

ETPS began as the test equipment division of Elba Electronics in 1975, supplying power instruments to every area of the company. As research into power electronics and machines continued to grow, so did the industry's demand for accurate and reliable test systems. Customers of Elba also quickly became interested in their test equipment and started buying them as stand-alone products.

ETPS was established in 1998 as a standalone business with one sole purpose - to solve complex challenges surrounding programmable power instruments. Mastering technology as quickly as it advanced, our team has continued to broaden its skills and diversify our offer across both AC and DC platforms, building life-long customer relationships along the way.

Some of our customers:

Today, ETPS provides one of the most complete ranges available. Working alongside multiple markets and sectors, our problem solving skills provide the spark for some of the world's leading technology brands to innovate. Previous projects span all areas of research from mains recycling fuel cell test equipment, to state-of-the-art four quadrant grid simulators. We design, plan and test with complete precision and pride ourselves on sourcing the best technology for the job.

Focused on overcoming technical obstacles for our clients, we use powerful problem solving skills to devise unique strategies for intricate applications. Whether you need a one off laboratory test instrument or a long-term supplier of building blocks for your systems, our experienced team will engineer a way to make it happen.

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