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Online Product Demonstrations
07 Jul 2020

Our technical team are happy to provide live hardware and software video demonstrations. Talking about a power system face to face can often raise technical queries which may get missed in a phone or email conversation. All common video platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype can be used.
Free DC Source Software
19 Jun 2020

All new LAP‑HP (5‑250kW), LAB‑SMS (3‑10kW) and LAB‑SMP (1.2‑2.4kW) DC sources are now provided with a free operating GUI. Voltage, current, power and resistance values can all be programmed. A test sequence function allows for more complex DC waveforms to be implemented directly through the software.
Rackmounting Case for Rectifiers
20 May 2020

A 19" rackmounting case can be provided to mount the REC‑MT into a cabinet. Either two or three modules can be fitted per rack, depending on the chosen model. Each unit is suitable as a standalone DC power source or as a dedicated battery charger and is ideal for n+1 redundant applications.
Flight Case Integrations
21 Apr 2020

On request our power systems can be mounted into a flight case for mobile operation. Door hangers are fitted for convenience. Other optional extras are available from AC distribution and cabling to bonding packages, as well as shock and vibration mounts to help mitigate the risk of transit damage.
256kW Bidirectional Rental PSUs
10 Mar 2020

Our range of rental systems has once again expanded. Bidirectional LAB‑GSS sink/sources are now available with ranges up to 256kW/1500V/±640A. Specialist GUIs can be provided with the systems for battery/capacitor emulation, electric drive cycling and PV simulation.
Hydrogen Fuelled
13 Feb 2020

Bloodhound LSR are going to attempt their 2021 land speed record using a zero‑emissions rocket fuelled by hydrogen peroxide. They hope to inspire the next generation of low carbon engineers in the process. ETPS provided the team with a 400Hz three phase AC power supply to test the vehicle's subsystems.
Characterising Magnets
27 Jan 2020

By using AC and DC power supplies from ETPS, Durham University can gather accurate experimental data when characterising magnets. This allows them to validate and understand the limitations of their numerical models, while ensuring confidence in a specific device design. Read the case study here.
Powering Smart Grid Research
03 Jan 2020

When researching second life battery packs, WMG at the University of Warwick needed a DC‑DC power system to help convert their goals into reality. ETPS provided the institution with a bidirectional programmable DC‑DC converter to perform charge/discharge tests. Read the full case study here.
Successful High‑Speed Testing
28 Nov 2019

Bloodhound LSR have just completed a successful few weeks of high‑speed testing in South Africa, where they reached 628mph. The team will be attempting to break the world land speed record in 2021. ETPS sponsored Bloodhound with a 400Hz three phase AC power supply to test the vehicle's subsystems.
ETPS Powering Intertek
13 Nov 2019

Intertek Transportation Technologies maintain a highly trusted and adaptive supply chain. So when one of their customers had an urgent requirement, ETPS were able to provide two LAB‑GSS bidirectional power systems within 24 hours. A speedy delivery and commissioning meant they could start testing right away.

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