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AC/DC Electronic Load

ELPA-SINE: AC/DC Electronic Load
Max. Voltage Model 480Vrms
Max. Power Model 180kVA
Max. Current Model 0 - 337.5Arms
Operating Modes CC, CR, CV, CP, CF, Turbo, Rectifier
Case Style Rack Mount
The ELPA-SINE series of programmable electronic loads feature a comprehensive set of both AC and DC test functions.

When in constant current operation the user can select between sine, square and DC waveforms. An adjustable frequency up to 440Hz is provided. Peak currents can be simulated with the crest factor mode. A leading or lagging power factor can be set with adjustments from unity to 0 lagging or leading. The desired wave can be recalled from the front panel or selected via an optional computer interface. The load can also be operated in constant power, voltage, resistance or linear CC modes.

Multiple inbuilt tests include UPS efficiency, PV inverter efficiency, UPS back-up time, battery discharge time, UPS transfer time, short circuit and fuse/breaker trip testing. Other interesting features of the ELPA-SINE include a Turbo mode which can test currents up to double the maximum current of the unit up to 1 second, ideal for inrush current testing.

The 4 digit display simultaneously provides actual values taken by the load. Users can toggle between various measurements for: voltage, current, power, frequency, crest factor, power factor and harmonics. On request the load can be built with a GPIB, RS-232, USB or LAN remote control interfaces. A host of protection features guard the unit against over power, voltage, current and temperature.

A master/slave interface allows users to parallel up to 8 units with identical nominals. So units can be added retrospectively to increase your power test capability. The ELPA-SINE can also be connected in a three phase configuration to test 3 phase AC sources.

Product Family
 Part NumberMax PowerMax VoltageCurrent Range
ELPA-SINE 18751875W350Vrms / 500Vdc0 - 18.75Arms
ELPA-SINE 2800-HV2800W480Vrms / 700Vdc0 - 18.75Arms
ELPA-SINE 28002800W350Vrms / 500Vdc0 - 28Arms
ELPA-SINE 3750-HV3750W480Vrms / 700Vdc0 - 28Arms
ELPA-SINE 37503750W350Vrms / 500Vdc0 - 37.5Arms
ELPA-SINE 56005600W350Vrms / 500Vdc0 - 56Arms
ELPA-SINE 75007500W350Vrms / 500Vdc0 - 75Arms
ELPA-SINE 1125011250W350Vrms / 500Vdc0 - 112.5Arms
ELPA-SINE 1500015000W350Vrms / 500Vdc0 - 112.5Arms
ELPA-SINE 1875018750W350Vrms / 500Vdc0 - 112.5Arms
ELPA-SINE 2250022500W350Vrms / 500Vdc0 - 112.5Arms
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