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AC Power Sources

Modern electronic products must perform under all types of input conditions, not just their ideal ones. The programmability of our AC sources allow virtually any line condition to be created. Ensuring devices perform as expected, always.

Distinct line disturbances can be recreated in a repeatable laboratory environment, such as brown outs and ripple control signals. Common AC waveforms are pre-installed on selected units to replicate a specific source including sine, square, sawtooth and triangle. A DC mode is also featured for certain models.

Single phase linear PSUs such as the EAC-S and EAC-5302A contain EN 61000-4-11 sequences for pre-compliance testing. The standard tests for investigating behaviour during changes to the AC mains voltage are: short interruptions, voltage dips and voltage variation immunity tests. Adjustable frequency allows grid conditions for different countries to be precisely simulated.

Where more comprehensive grid emulation is required, an advanced GridSim GUI is available for the four quadrant EAC-ACS-4Q modules. All three of the unit's phases are individually programmable for voltage, frequency, phase angles and superimposed harmonics up to 5kHz. A Fourier tool is included in the software which allows for virtually any conceivable waveform to be created.

Aerospace power sources can be accurately recreated, which commonly operate at 400Hz and above. The three phase EAC-3S can be built with a programmable output frequency up to 2kHz. To aid system integration, a variety of analogue and computer interfaces can be provided on request.

Did you know...
  • Fixed output values can be specified if you require a simple AC voltage or frequency converter. Special low voltage/high current AC sources for circuit breaker testing have been engineered for previous projects. Contact us for more information.
  • RLC load mode software is available for the EAC-ACS-4Q which enables users to simulate impedance for anti-islanding tests.

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