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Advanced 3 Phase Linear AC Sources

EAC-3S: Advanced 3 Phase Linear AC Sources
Max. Voltage Model 700Vrms
Min. Power Model 750VA
Max. Power Model 30kVA
Technology Linear
Output Phases 3
The EAC-3S is based on a linear platform ensuring a very clean output waveform. With sine, square, triangular and arbitrary functions the test engineer can simulate a wide range of real world conditions.

This AC Source can be used in DC, single or 3 phase mode. Voltage and current limits can be set individually for each phase. Further imbalances can be programmed by altering the phase relationships. Each phase can be set from 0-360° when compared with the internal sinewave reference.

A quick setting function enables the output frequency to be set to 50, 60 or 400Hz. In adjustable mode a range of 1-500Hz is standard. This can be optionally extended up to 2kHz if required. Systems are loaded with a waveform for pre-compliance testing to the volts and interrupts standard EN 61000-4-11.

The high resolution front panel displays a host of measurement functions. These include actual, average and peak values of current, along with true and apparent power, crest factor and cos phi.

The EAC-3S can also be built with a memory card slot. This enables waveforms to be easily set up on a pc using WAV files. Once transferred using an SD card the waveforms can be stored and recalled from within the AC Source. An optional ±10V input allows a signal from an external waveform generator to be amplified.
Product Family
 Part NumberMax PowerOutput VoltageOutput Current
EAC-3S 2503 * 250VA3 * 0-300Vrms3 * 0-3A
EAC-3S 5003 * 500VA3 * 0-300Vrms3 * 0-6A
EAC-3S 10003 * 1kVA3 * 0-300Vrms3 * 0-10A
EAC-3S 20003 * 2kVA3 * 0-300Vrms3 * 0-15A
EAC-3S 30003 * 3kVA3 * 0-300Vrms3 * 0-20A
EAC-3S 40003 * 4kVA3 * 0-300Vrms3 * 0-30A
EAC-3S 50003 * 5kVA3 * 0-300Vrms3 * 0-35A
EAC-3S 60003 * 6kVA3 * 0-300Vrms3 * 0-40A
EAC-3S 70003 * 7kVA3 * 0-300Vrms3 * 0-50A
EAC-3S 80003 * 8kVA 3 * 0-300Vrms3 * 0-60A
EAC-3S 90003 * 9kVA3 * 0-300Vrms3 * 0-70A
EAC-3S 100003 * 10kVA3 * 0-300Vrms3 * 0-80A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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