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Motor Driven AC Source

EAC-MT-SL: Motor Driven AC Source
Max. Voltage Model 10kVrms
Min. Power Model 500VA
Max. Power Model 1kVA
Technology Motor Driven
Output Phases 1
The EAC-MT-SL are a series of AC Power Sources conveniently packaged in a desktop case. These units are a cost effective method of providing an adjustable AC output in applications where the frequency does not need to be varied.

The output voltage is set quickly and accurately via a motor regulated transformer. The output is galvanically isolated from the input. The high visibility LED's clearly show the voltage and current being taken from the source. A variety of analogue and computer interfaces are available should remote control be required.

If the unit is required to be integrated into a cabinet then it can be optionally built as a 6U cassette. The power supply can also be provided with a leakage current measurement function. This gives the user the ability to check the leakage current up to 20mA between the output of the AC Source and the case or line earth of the unit under test.

If the standard output range is not wide enough please contact ETPS for high voltage versions.
Product Family
 Part NumberPowerVoltageCurrentDimensions
EAC-MT-SL 500500VA0 - 270Vrms1.87A112 x 222 x 360mm
EAC-MT-SL 10001kVA0 - 270Vrms3.7A224 x 222 x 360mm
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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