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Advanced Programmable AC Sources

EAC-S: Advanced Programmable AC Sources
Max. Voltage Model 700Vrms
Min. Power Model 250VA
Max. Power Model 10kVA
Technology Linear
Output Phases 1
The EAC-S is designed for exacting users who demand a high quality adjustable waveform. The distortion level at full power is a mere 0.1%. Sine, triangular and square waves at up to 500Hz (2kHz option) can be selected. Operation at low frequencies all the way down to dc level is provided as standard. A DC offset can be combined with the AC voltage ensuring that almost any waveform can be created. The user can also preset the starting phase angle when the output is activated. The AC Source is loaded with a waveform for pre-compliance testing to the volts and interrupts standard EN 61000-4-11. Users can also create their own waveforms and load them into the unit via an SD card.

Another useful function is the external oscillator input. This enables complex waves to be set up on a signal generator and essentially amplified through the EAC-S. A host of measurement functions are available including true, apparent and reactive power along with average, effective and peak values for both voltage and current. The power factor and crest factor values are also displayed. For remote control and automated test systems isolated analogue and computer interfaces are available. Higher voltage levels up to 700Vrms/1000Vdc can be specified from the options table. For non standard outputs or application specific modifications please contact our office.
Product Family
 Part NumberMax PowerOutput VoltageOutput CurrentDimensions
EAC-S 250250VA0 - 300Vrms / 0-425Vdc0 - 3A19" x 4U x 435mm
EAC-S 500500VA0 - 300Vrms / 0-425Vdc0 - 6A19" x 4U x 435mm
EAC-S 10001kVA0 - 300Vrms / 0-425Vdc0 - 10A19" x 6U x 435mm
EAC-S 20002kVA0 - 300Vrms / 0-425Vdc0 - 15A19" x 6U x 435mm
EAC-S 30003kVA0 - 300Vrms / 0-425Vdc0 - 20A19" x 10U x 435mm
EAC-S 40004kVA0 - 300Vrms / 0-425Vdc0 - 30A19" x 16U x 600mm
EAC-S 50005kVA0 - 300Vrms / 0-425Vdc0 - 35A19" x 16U x 600mm
EAC-S 60006kVA0 - 300Vrms / 0-425Vdc0 - 40A19" x 16U x 600mm
EAC-S 70007kVA0 - 300Vrms / 0-425Vdc0 - 50A19" x 16U x 800mm
EAC-S 80008kVA0 - 300Vrms / 0-425Vdc0 - 60A19" x 16U x 800mm
EAC-S 90009kVA0 - 300Vrms / 0-425Vdc0 - 70A19" x 16U x 800mm
EAC-S 1000010kVA0 - 300Vrms / 0-425Vdc0 - 80A19" x 16U x 800mm
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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