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In-Vehicle PMR Charger Conditioners

iCHARGE-VC: In-Vehicle PMR Charger Conditioners
Chemistry Ni-Cd/Ni-MH/Li-ion
Application PMR/TETRA
Type In-Vehicle
The iCHARGE™-VC's are in vehicle single and dual bay charger-conditioners aimed at professional mobile radio. Using ACT's unique technology batteries are simultaneously conditioned during the charging process. No discipline is required by the user to ensure that the battery is cycled to best effect.

There's no complicated charging rules to follow or additional conditioning required. One of the main benefits of the iCHARGE™ range is to keep the batteries in a charge receptive state and to precisely terminate the charge cycle when the maximum available capacity is reached. This prevents overcharging and overheating, the two main contributors to early battery failure.

These charger conditioners greatly reduce and where possible reverse the parasitic reactions that lead to dendrite growth and ion imbalances. This means that your new batteries will perform like new for a very long time and your used batteries will be restored where the capacity damage is reversible.

Users of Advanced Charger Technology not only enjoy the longest battery life spans but also benefit from the fastest possible charge times.

The base units support different battery chemistries. Interchangeable adapters are used according to the battery. Over 100 handset/battery combinations are supported by ACT's extensive range of adapters. So if your organisation change handsets the chances are you'll only need to change the adapter on your iCHARGE™ unit.

The wide DC input ensures that the unit is suitable for a wide range of vehicles including fire appliances and ambulances. A restraining strap makes sure that the battery is kept safely in place even if the going gets rough.
Product Family
 Part NumberCharging PositionsPower SourceInput VoltageMax Charge Current
i25-01 VCSingle BayHardwired11 - 28VDC2.4A
i25-02 VCSingle BayCigarette Lighter11 - 28VDC2.4A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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