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DC-AC Inverters

With each unit providing a pure sinewave output, you can depend on our DC-AC inverters to backup your business. Systems start at 125VA up to modular systems capable of 48kVA, with both 115VAC or 230VAC outputs possible.

Many electrical devices such as computerised loads require a highly stable sinewave output to operate correctly. This is why all of our inverters are controlled by an intelligent microprocessor. We offer a variety of case styles to suit your application. Wallmounting and desktop models are available, as well as 19" rackmounting units.

For critical applications such as power stations, a constant supply is required. The INV-B provides an automatic transfer function. This allows the inverter to be set to run from a DC or AC input, with an automatic switchover to the backup supply. Transfer to the secondary line is within 10ms.

Where high power and/or redundancy is required, up to 5 identical INV-P units can be operated in parallel connection. Load sharing is automatically distributed across all of the connected inverters and the outputs synchronised. You also get an overload capability of 150% for up to 3 seconds making these models particularly suitable for motor type applications.

High reliability is standard throughout the range. Our robust INV-W and INV-R products meet stringent EN50155 standards and can be ruggedised for locomotive and marine applications. On request, high quality conformal coating can be provided to protect the inverter's circuit boards against high temperature and humidity in uncontrolled environments.

Did you know...
  • The INV-P has a calculated mean time between failures of 31.97 years at 50°C, as tested to the Siemens telecoms standard, SN29500.
  • Where an automatic bypass and n+1 redundancy is required in the same system, the INV-LAVA-4000 is available in configurations up to 48kVA.

The chart below demonstrates our product ranges flexibility in meeting a wide range of varying requirements.
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INV-L-125(W/T/C) INV-L-250(W/T) INV-P

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