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Grid-tied Active Bidirectional Inverter

INV-GABI: Grid-tied Active Bidirectional Inverter
Max. Power Model 10MVA
Nom. Input Voltage 400 - 800VDC
Nom. Output Voltage 400V ±10%
Output Freq. 50 or 60Hz
Case Style Cabinet
AC Bypass Yes
The INV-GABI is a series of active bidirectional inverters. Each system regenerates electricity from an energy storage device such as a battery pack into a local grid network. It can also provide battery charging capability if required. An inbuilt monitoring system synchronises with local grid conditions so that a smooth transition of energy takes place. Active power factor correction is provided by the system to regulate the AC output, allowing the unit to automatically balance capacitive or inductive loads. The INV-GABI uses frequency signals from the grid so that users feed electricity back at the most profitable times to maximise return on investment. Feedback can be automated to respond to grid frequency measurements, defined by user presets or controlled by the local grid provider.

Besides feeding back into the national grid, the INV-GABI can be user set to even out peak loads within a localised circuit. For example, the system can be set to start when local demand of an industrial building reaches 200kW, so that no more than 200kW is drawn from the national grid at any one time. This allows users to meet peak electricity demands for energy intensive processes that the local infrastructure might not be capable of providing. The INV-GABI can also operate as part of a true island grid when signals are provided from an external generator, which is particularly useful for remote communities with limited grid capacity. Black start capabilities are also possible.

When used with a battery controller the system can supervise the state of charge of the battery. The INV-GABI can be used with most common types of battery when combined with a suitable battery management system including Li-ion and redox flow. On request a suitable battery system can be provided with the INV-GABI. Systems can be operated in parallel configurations when controlled by a suitable external grid demand controller in parallel to line operation mode. A MODBUS interface is provided for remote system control, as well as a front panel TFT screen. Measurements of grid voltage, current and frequency per phase are provided via the front panel, as well as measurement of effective, reactive and apparent power.

Product Family
 Part NumberNom. PowerConnected BatteryAC Mains Voltage
INV-GABI 400-100100kW400V400V ±10%
INV-GABI 400-200200kW400V400V ±10%
INV-GABI 550-100100kW550V400V ±10%
INV-GABI 550-200200kW550V400V ±10%
INV-GABI 550-250250kW550V400V ±10%
INV-GABI 550-320320kW550V400V ±10%
INV-GABI 800-100100kW800V400V ±10%
INV-GABI 800-200200kW800V400V ±10%
INV-GABI 800-250250kW800V400V ±10%
INV-GABI 800-320320kW800V400V ±10%
INV-GABI 800-500500kW800V400V ±10%
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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