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Modular Inverter System

INV-LAVA-2000: Modular Inverter System
Max. Power Model 24kVA
Nom. Input Voltage 24 - 220VDC
Nom. Output Voltage 115 or 230VAC
Output Freq. 50 or 60Hz
Case Style Rack Mount/Cabinet
AC Bypass Yes
This series of Inverters are designed to be part of a system incorporating both a controller and automatic bypass. This arrangement provides a very flexible system that can be easily expanded or reconfigured as power needs dictate.

Up to 12 inverters can be connected via CAT5 cables to the controller to provide up to 24kVA of output power. Two different bypasses are available capable of either 120A or 200A. Separate summaries are available for these units.

The inverters themselves produce a true microprocessor controlled sinewave. LED indication on the front panel shows the power taken from each inverter. To identify a particular inverter within the system the address is displayed digitally on the front panel of each inverter.

The system allows for true n+1 redundancy. Should an inverter fail redundancy can be regained by installing a new unit in to the system while it is still operational. These robust inverters have excellent efficiencies typically over 88% at nominal load. A high peak capability and wide operating temperature range makes them ideal for many applications.
Did you know...
  • Two different bypasses are available: 120A (option /120) or 200A (option /200) bypass.

Product Family
 Part NumberMaximum PowerNumber Of ModulesOutput VoltageOutput Frequency
INV-LAVA 200024kVA2 * 2kVA230VAC50Hz
INV-LAVA 200036kVA3 * 2kVA230VAC50Hz
INV-LAVA 200048kVA4 * 2kVA230VAC50Hz
INV-LAVA 2000510kVA5 * 2kVA230VAC50Hz
INV-LAVA 2000612kVA6 * 2kVA230VAC50Hz
INV-LAVA 2000714kVA7 * 2kVA230VAC50Hz
INV-LAVA 2000816kVA8 * 2kVA230VAC50Hz
INV-LAVA 2000918kVA9 * 2kVA230VAC50Hz
INV-LAVA 20001020kVA10 * 2kVA230VAC50Hz
INV-LAVA 20001122kVA11 * 2kVA230VAC50Hz
INV-LAVA 20001224kVA12 * 2kVA230VAC50Hz
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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