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Sinewave Inverters

INV-S: Sinewave Inverters
Max. Power Model 1000VA
Nom. Input Voltage 12 - 24VDC
Nom. Output Voltage 110 or 230VAC
Output Freq. 50 or 60Hz
Case Style Module
AC Bypass No
The INV-S are a range of robust DC/AC Inverters that demonstrate very high energy conversion efficiencies of over 90%. The units produce a true sinewave output which is protected against short circuit. The output frequency is regulated to within one quarter of a cycle to the nominal 50Hz. The AC output is provided via an IEC 320 socket. The mating connector is supplied with the unit.

The DC input to the inverter is continually monitored to protect connected batteries from over discharge. If the input voltage falls out of tolerance the unit automatically switches itself off. Protection is also provided against inverter overload and over temperature. The unit will automatically restart after the fault has been cleared. The two higher power models feature an adjustable standby function along with a resettable DC breaker.

Each unit in the INV-S series has a wide operating temperature range and will function in freezing conditions as low as -25°C.

Product Family
 Part NumberMaximum PowerInput VoltageOutput VoltageCurrent
INV-S 12P150VA12VDC230VAC0.7A
INV-S 24P300VA24VDC230VAC1.1A
INV-S 12D550VA12VDC230VAC2.1A
INV-S 24D710VA24VDC230VAC3.0A
INV-S 12A850VA12VDC230VAC3.5A
INV-S 24A1000VA24VDC230VAC4.2A
INV-S 36A1000VA36VDC230VAC4.2A
INV-S 48A1000VA48DC230VAC4.2A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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