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3 Phase Sinewave Inverters

INV-TC3P: 3 Phase Sinewave Inverters
Max. Power Model 9.6kVA
Nom. Input Voltage 48VDC
Nom. Output Voltage 3 x 230/400VAC
Output Freq. 50Hz
Case Style Wall Mount
AC Bypass No
The INV-TC3P is used when a 3 phase AC Supply needs to be generated from a DC Source. The system is delivered as 3 separate modules which are all powered from a nominal 48Vdc. These compact units are ideal for stand alone applications where the batteries are charged from photo voltaic arrays or DC generators.

A wide cos phi with peak power capability helps to make this inverter system is suitable for many motor type AC Loads that require a relatively high start up current.

The INV-TC3P is built with a variety of protection features. The output is protected from both short circuit and overloaded conditions. To protect itself the inverter will switch the output off. Automatic restart attempts are made every 30 seconds in case the fault is transitory. The input is constantly monitored to ensure that the voltage range is within the tolerances permitted. The unit will automatically disconnect the input if the voltage is too low. This is done in order to save the battery from a damaging deep discharge.

The actual low cut out voltage is dependent on the load and the power being drawn. Resettable DC breakers are provided on the unit. Insulated relay contacts are also available for signalling failure. A switch can also be wired to the master unit to allow all three phases of the inverter system to be turned on and off remotely.

The wide operating temperature range helps to ensure the INV-TC3P is ideal for the majority of locations.

Product Family
 Part NumberMaximum PowerInput VoltageOutput VoltageCurrent
INV-TC3P 10-489.6kVA48VDC3 x 230 - 400VAC3 x 17A
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