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DC Electronic Loads

Our wide selection of DC loads start at tens of watts, increasing in to the megawatt range. Each unit precisely simulates the loading of a circuit. Load profiles are programmable for voltage, current and power.

Common operating features throughout the range include OVP/OCP tests, front panel memory as well as CC, CV, CR and CP modes. Rise, fall and plateau times are adjustable in dynamic mode. Your chosen load can also be built with analogue and computer interfaces for remote operation. LabVIEW drivers are available for most product families to simplify integration into wider systems.

When compared to a traditional resistive load bank, a programmable electronic load offers superior functionality. Sink values of selected models can be adjusted in small increments into the milliamp range, under a variety of waveforms. In contrast, a resistive load bank typically doesn't have the programmability required to recreate real world load profiles.

All of our dynamic DC loads are available with a current waveform generator. This allows real world load profiles to be created on a PC using waveform generator software which is particularly useful to qualify product designs, check production batches and repair electronics. The loads can also be made to follow complex waveforms by tracking an external arbitrary oscillator input.

Where precision is key, an advanced function generator is available for ELP-GXS power recycling loads. Complex custom waveforms can be plotted against time for discharging batteries, fuel cell loading and testing DC power supplies. Application GUIs for emulating the characteristics of batteries and capacitors are available. Multi-module systems can configured up to 1500V/2MW.

Did you know...
  • Our bidirectional systems operate as both a DC load and a DC source.
  • Wide ranging ELP-34360 models can sink their full 600A nominal current from 1000V all the way down to 20V without derating.
  • Flight case integrations are available for all rackmounting products. For more information contact us.

The chart below demonstrates our product ranges flexibility in meeting a wide range of varying requirements.
Hover over the chart or table to see the available ranges.

ELP-3310F ELP-3330F ELP-3340G ELP-3350F ELP-33500F ELP-3360F ELP-3360PF ELP-34105 ELP-34205 ELP-34305 ELP-SL ELP-SLM ELP-GXS

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