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DC Sources

We pride ourselves on being specialists in the world of compact programmable DC sources. Our precision products are available as linear or switch mode.

With one of the most comprehensive selections of DC power supplies on the market, the ETPS team can engineer a product tailored exactly to your project. Our standard units offer a wide range of current, voltage and power outputs to choose from. If your application requires something a little non-standard then we will look to provide a custom solution.

Built in either a benchtop or rackmounting case, every DC source is provided with constant voltage and constant current modes. Where more functionality is needed, selected models also have adjustable resistance, constant power and PV simulation modes.

Our units come with front panel control for simple programming, alongside a variety of computer interfaces for remote control and monitoring. Analogue, RS-232, CAN, RS-485, Ethernet or IEEE 488.2 can be specified for most systems. Industry specific interfaces such as CAN are possible for LAB-TC and LAB-GSS models.

For more complex test requirements, we offer application GUIs that program ETPS hardware to replicate real world behaviour of a power component. This allows specific sections of a circuit to be isolated and researched. Many industry standards are pre-installed for areas such as battery emulation and powertrain testing.

Did you know...
  • We have a dedicated range of battery chargers.
  • High power DC sources with powers over 40kW can be found here.
  • Bipolar and bidirectional sink/source systems with optional mains recycling are available.

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