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Autoranging DC Power Supply

LAB-AUTO: Autoranging DC Power Supply
Max. Voltage Model 1575V
Min. Power Model 5kW
Max. Power Model 1.5MW
Technology Switch Mode
Case Style Rack Mount

The LAB-AUTO's autoranging output allows for many more voltage/current combinations than a traditional programmable DC source. Using one autoranging PSU instead of several power supplies saves both cost and bench space. Despite the units offering such a large output range, they are still incredibly power dense. 15kW of output power is provided from 3U of rackmounting height.

An extensive feature set includes constant voltage, current and power modes, as well as adjustable internal resistance and solar array simulation functions. Up to 8000 sets of programmed memories for V, A, W and time values can be stored within the units internal memory. This allows common test routines to be executed at the touch of a button.

Over-voltage and over-current protection limits can be adjusted to help safeguard sensitive loads. Ramp profiles and slew rate are also programmable. Remote sense compensation up to 5V is possible for applications with long cables prone to unwanted voltage drops.

Up to 100 identical units can be connected in parallel to 1.5MW. All units operate from a three phase wide AC input with active PFC. This enhances the overall efficiency of the PSU across the output power range when compared to a unit that does not have PFC.

Control of the system is provided via a large touch screen with 5 digit V, I and W display, as well as by analogue knobs. A LAN interface allows for remote control, with other interfaces optionally available. Operating software is also provided to monitor live values.

Product Family
 Part NumberMax PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range
LAB-AUTO 80-1805.1kW0 - 84V0 - 189A
LAB-AUTO 250-605.1kW0 - 262.5V0 - 63A
LAB-AUTO 350-425.1kW0 - 367.5V0 - 44.1A
LAB-AUTO 500-305.1kW0 - 525V0 - 31.5A
LAB-AUTO 650-235.1kW0 - 682.5V0 - 24.1A
LAB-AUTO 80-36010.2kW0 - 84V0 - 378A
LAB-AUTO 250-12010.2kW0 - 262.5V0 - 126A
LAB-AUTO 350-8410.2kW0 - 367.5V0 - 88.2A
LAB-AUTO 500-6010.2kW0 - 525V0 - 63A
LAB-AUTO 650-4610.2kW0 - 682.5V0 - 48.3A
LAB-AUTO 1000-3010.2kW0 - 1050V0 - 31.5A
LAB-AUTO 80-54015.3kW0 - 84V0 - 567A
LAB-AUTO 150-18015.3kW0 - 262.5V0 - 189A
LAB-AUTO 350-12615.3kW0 - 367.5V0 - 132.3A
LAB-AUTO 500-9015.3kW0 - 525V0 - 94.5A
LAB-AUTO 650-6915.3kW0 - 682.5V0 - 72.4A
LAB-AUTO 1050-4215.3kW0 - 1102.5V0 - 44.1A
LAB-AUTO 1500-3015.3kW0 - 1575V0 - 31.5A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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