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Benchtop DC Power Supply

LAB-DSPH: Benchtop DC Power Supply
Max. Voltage Model 600V
Min. Power Model 750W
Max. Power Model 1.5kW
Technology Switch Mode
Case Style Desktop

The LAB-DSPH units are packaged in a convenient benchtop case with outputs of either 750W or 1.5kW. 13 different models are available at each power level. All units operate from a single phase wide AC input with active PFC. Using the optional master/slave cards up to 5 identical units can be connected in parallel to provide up to 1000A and 7.5kW. The required output current is actively shared when the units are connected in parallel. Series operation of 2 units is also possible.

Adjustable over-current and over-voltage protection help to ensure these units can be used with sensitive loads. The LAB-DSPH also allow the user to set the voltage ramp up and ramp down times via the front panel and computer interface. RS-485 and analogue interfaces are provided as standard. Excellent setting and measurement resolution is provided via the 16-bit processors. This can be enhanced for front panel operation by upgrading the display from the standard 4-digit to the optional 5-digit display. If the high resolution (/HR) front panel option is chosen then a GPIB interface is also included along with the RS-485 and analogue.

Measuring only 215mm wide and less than 45mm or 90mm high these compact DC Power Supplies can find space on even the most crowded test bench.

Did you know...
  • Look to our LAB-DSP range if you require rackmounting options, or up to 3kW in a 2U design.
Product Family
 Part NumberPowerVoltageCurrent
LAB-DSPH 006-100750W0 - 6V0 - 100A
LAB-DSPH 008-090750W0 - 8V0 - 90A
LAB-DSPH 012.5-060750W0 - 12.5V0 - 60A
LAB-DSPH 020-038750W0 - 20V0 - 38A
LAB-DSPH 030-025750W0 - 30V0 - 25A
LAB-DSPH 040-019750W0 - 40V0 - 19A
LAB-DSPH 050-015750W0 - 50V0 - 15A
LAB-DSPH 060-12.5750W0 - 60V0 - 12.5A
LAB-DSPH 080-09.5750W0 - 80V0 - 9.5A
LAB-DSPH 100-07.5750W0 - 100V0 - 7.5A
LAB-DSPH 150-005750W0 - 150V0 - 5A
LAB-DSPH 300-02.5750W0 - 300V0 - 2.5A
LAB-DSPH 350-02.1750W0 - 350V0 - 2.1A
LAB-DSPH 450-01.7750W0 - 450V0 - 1.7A
LAB-DSPH 600-01.25750W0 - 600V0 - 1.25A
LAB-DSPH 006-2001500W0 - 6V0 - 200A
LAB-DSPH 008-1801500W0 - 8V0 - 180A
LAB-DSPH 012.5-1201500W0 - 12V0 - 120A
LAB-DSPH 020-0761500W0 - 20V0 - 76A
LAB-DSPH 030-0501500W0 - 30V0 - 50A
LAB-DSPH 040-0381500W0 - 40V0 - 38A
LAB-DSPH 050-0301500W0 - 50V0 - 30A
LAB-DSPH 060-0251500W0 - 60V0 - 25A
LAB-DSPH 080-0191500W0 - 80V0 - 19A
LAB-DSPH 100-0151500W0 - 100V0 - 15A
LAB-DSPH 150-0101500W0 - 150V0 - 10A
LAB-DSPH 300-0051500W0 - 300V0 - 5A
LAB-DSPH 350-04.21500W0 - 350V0 - 4.2A
LAB-DSPH 450-03.41500W0 - 450V0 - 3.4A
LAB-DSPH 600-02.51500W0 - 600V0 - 2.5A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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