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Thousands of ETPS products are used around the world every day. Our huge selection of electronic test and power systems cover almost every application for businesses of all sizes across the R&D and production spectrum.

We are specialists at designing, planning and testing best-in-class systems that allow you to stay ahead of the power curve. Armed with the knowledge and experience to overcome technical challenges, the ETPS workforce will engineer the right product for your project. Our robust configurations give you the tools and technologies to innovate over and above any competitor.

  • AC Power Sources

    An AC source can simulate all mains/line voltages during R&D and production testing. We offer both electronic and motor driven power supplies. Units are available with either single or three phase outputs. Common waveforms are pre-installed, with the ability to edit voltage and current parameters.

    Popular features include variable frequency, adjustable phase angle, programmable ripple and constant current. A wide choice of analogue and computer interfaces can be fitted for system integrations. Fixed output values are possible if the unit is required to act as a simple converter.

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  • DC Sources

    ETPS provide one of the most comprehensive selections of programmable DC sources on the market. Virtually any power, voltage or current requirement can be met. Adjustable power and resistance limits are offered in addition to standard CC and CV operation.

    Both switch mode and linear power supplies are present within the range. Bipolar and bidirectional sink/source systems with optional mains recycling are also available. Besides bench or laboratory units, our DC sources can be rackmounted or built as an ATE system controlled via a remote control interface.

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  • DC Sources over 40kW

    Our high power DC power supplies include programmable units for laboratory and heavy industrial applications. High currents of up to 50kA and nominal powers up to 3MW are possible.

    The high power range has been designed with precision and efficiency in mind. Compact systems are our speciality. For example, 90kW is possible in just 18U of rack space. Modular designs are available providing flexible and future proofed systems, as they can be easily reconfigured or expanded.

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  • AC Electronic Loads

    Most of our AC loads are installed with a bank of 55 common waveforms, containing crest factor variations which replicate high current peaks. Adjustable power factor is available from unity to 0 lagging or leading.

    Power sinks are available from 300W to over 180kW. A dedicated DC mode is provided as standard, allowing for the loading of DC devices, thus saving lab space. By using the dynamic function, constant voltage and constant power sinking can be achieved. Power recycling AC loads are available on request.

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  • DC Electronic Loads

    DC electronic loads mimic the real world operating conditions for a variety of applications. Each unit can be built with analogue and computer interfaces to allow remote operation. LabVIEW drivers are also available for most product families to simplify integration into wider test systems.

    A comprehensive mix of voltage and current sink ranges are possible. Common operating features include OVP/OCP tests, front panel memory as well as CC, CV, CR and CP modes. In dynamic mode rise, fall and plateau times are adjustable. Grid-tied power recycling loads are available.

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  • High Voltage Power

    ETPS's high voltage power supplies are available in a variety of different case sizes. From PCB mount modules to 19" rack cassettes, our HV PSUs are suitable for many applications. Individual modules can be fitted into crates and mainframes which allow up to 480 output channels to be controlled from one device.

    Highly precise and stable voltages up to 100kVdc are possible. Common form factors such as NIM, CAMAC and VME are all present in the range. A variety of computer and analogue interfaces can be fitted.

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  • Rectifiers & Modular PSUs

    Our selection of fixed output rectifiers start at 75W, rising into the kilowatt range. A whole host of features are available, such as a UPS for protection against brown-outs, inverter modules for running AC devices, additional AC inputs with automatic switchover and hot swap modules to provide a redundant DC output.

    We supply many models which are specifically aimed at telecoms applications. All common voltage levels are catered for. High MTBF and wide operating temperatures feature throughout the range.

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  • Battery Chargers

    Battery chargers are available which support a variety of cell chemistries including Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion and lead acid. Industrial chargers with temperature compensation are possible at a variety of voltage levels and output powers.

    A variety of case styles are available including desktop, rackmount and wallmounting. Optional extras for selected models include a wide AC or a DC input for unusual line conditions. Rugged units are possible where the charger is to be used in a harsh environment.

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  • DC-AC Inverters

    Our DC-AC power inverters are provided in a variety of different case styles from wall-mount and benchtop to modules, cassettes and 19-inch racks. Every unit provides a true sinewave output at 115VAC or 230VAC. Systems start at 125VA, with high power redundant and modular configurations possible.

    Ruggedised versions for ship and rail applications are available. Stand-alone units are complimented by DC-AC inverters with inbuilt bypasses.

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  • DC-DC Converters

    We provide a selection of unidirectional and bidirectional DC-DC power converters. A broad choice of voltage input levels are possible, with wide ranges up to ±40% of the nominal. Small footprints, high conversion efficiencies and floating outputs are common throughout the range.

    Certain models feature a user programmable output so that they can be optimised for specific applications. Rail approved and industrial converters are present within the range. Isolated versions are available to charge ultra-capacitors and batteries.

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  • Measurement & Test

    A variety of precision test instruments for R&D, vendor verification and production testing are available from ETPS. Our precision current shunts feature up to 5 ultra-stable shunts. The compact models are built in desktop cases with retractable feet for ease of use.

    Digitising power meters are available which measure both AC and DC loads. A total of six automatic switching ranges provide a tight resolution and high accuracy of the voltage and current being measured.

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  • Custom Units

    ETPS have a long history of providing modified and bespoke power systems. We can often design an exact system, using one of our standard AC or DC products as a basis. Output values, ramp profiles, voltage polarity, input range and response times can all be tailored to suit specific test and development needs.

    Besides altering electrical characteristics, mechanical modifications can be made to protect against shock, vibration and humidity. Units can also be treated to full flight case and lab rack integrations on request.

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  • Bidirectional DC

    Bidirectional power systems can operate as either a DC source or load. This integrated approach features high dynamics enabling users to switch quickly between quadrants. Both modular systems and high power cabinets are available.

    When operating as a load each unit has power recycling technology. The inbuilt monitoring system synchronises with the grid and regenerates any excess DC energy back to the three phase mains supply.

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  • Rental Systems

    We maintain a range of rental systems which provide solutions to short term, urgent or unusual test requirements. Programmable power supplies, electronic loads and bidirectional PSUs are all available. The range covers both AC and DC voltage, current and power requirements.

    Systems with the latest applications GUIs can be provided with industry standard tests pre-installed. Where possible, ETPS will also look to provide user specific waveforms programmed into the chosen unit.

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