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High Voltage PCB Modules

HTP-APS: High Voltage PCB Modules
Max. Voltage Model 1kV
Min. Power Model 200mW
Max. Power Model 1W
Case Style PCB Module
The HTP-APS are a series of high voltage modules providing outputs of between 200V and 1000V. There are 2 power levels to choose from. At 500mW the modules operate from an input of 5Vdc. The 1W versions are supplied from 11½ to 15½Vdc. Depending on the model chosen the maximum output current is between 500µA to 5mA.

These DC/DC converters are built into potted steel cases. This construction together with a patented resonance mode principle helps to ensure low electro-magnetic interference. The APS modules also offer a highly stable output while exhibiting a relatively low ripple and noise level.

As standard a proportional analogue signal is used to set the output voltage. If preferred, the modules can be optionally built with a fixed output voltage. A monitor pin is also provided allowing the voltage to be proportionally measured. The inhibit pin enables the output to be switched ON/OFF via high or low signal. The output polarity is factory fixed. A negative (-ve) or positive (+ve) output is specified on order.
Did you know...
  • The output polarity of the HTP-BPS is factory set to either positive (option /P) or negative (option /N).

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 Part NumberMaximum PowerInput VoltageOutput VoltageOutput Current
HTP-APx 02 255 50.5W5Vdc ± 10%200V2.5mA
HTP-APx 04 125 50.5W5Vdc ± 10%400V1.2mA
HTP-APx 06 804 50.5W5Vdc ± 10%600V0.8mA
HTP-APx 08 604 50.5W5Vdc ± 10%800V0.6mA
HTP-APx 10 504 50.5W5Vdc ± 10%1000V0.5mA
HTP-APx 02 505 121W11.5 - 15.5Vdc200V5mA
HTP-APx 04 255 121W11.5 - 15.5Vdc400V2.5mA
HTP-APx 06 165 121W11.5 - 15.5Vdc600V1.6mA
HTP-APx 08 125 121W11.5 - 15.5Vdc800V1.2mA
HTP-APx 10 105 121W11.5 - 15.5Vdc1000V1.0mA
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.

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