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Common GND HV Modules

HTP-EHS-8-F0: Common GND HV Modules
Max. Voltage Model 10kV
Min. Power Model 6W
Max. Power Model 9W
Case Style Multi-Channel Module/6U Cassette
This range of high voltage modules provide up to 32 output channels in a compact 6U cassette. For applications that do not require each channel to be floating these common ground units offer a cost effective solution. Both voltage output and current limits can be set for each individual channel via the CAN interface. Software is available that also allows the behaviour of any number of channels to be automatically affected should an event occur. For example a controlled ramp down of all channels can be programmed if the current limit of a single channel is reached.

A variety of crates are available with or without computer interfaces allowing a mix of high voltage cassettes to be installed. For example this low cost module can be operated alongside high precision floating modules from the HTP-EHS-8-F2 series and a bidirectional unit from the HTP-EBS series.
Did you know...
  • The HTP-EHS-8-F0 can be placed in an 8-slot multi-channel system (option /ECH 228 or /ECH 238). See separate datasheet on the HTP-ECH.

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 Part NumberOutput VoltageOutput CurrentNumber Of Channels
HTP-EHS 80-05x-156F0 - 500V0 - 15mA8 Channels
HTP-EHS F0-05x-106F0 - 500V0 - 10mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS 80-10x-805F0 - 1kV0 - 8mA8 Channels
HTP-EHS F1-10x-405F0 - 1kV0 - 4mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS F0-10x-805F0 - 1kV0 - 8mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS 201-10x-405F0 - 1kV0 - 4mA32 Channels
HTP-EHS 80-20x-405F0 - 2kV0 - 4mA8 Channels
HTP-EHS F0-20x-405F0 - 2kV0 - 4mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS 80-30x-305F0 - 3kV0 - 3mA8 Channels
HTP-EHS F1-30x-145F0 - 3kV0 - 1.3mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS F0-30x-305F0 - 3kV0 - 3mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS 201-30x-145F0 - 3kV0 - 1.3mA32 Channels
HTP-EHS 80-40x-205F0 - 4kV0 - 2mA8 Channels
HTP-EHS F1-40x-105F0 - 4kV0 - 1mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS F0-40x-205F0 - 4kV0 - 2mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS 201-40x-205F0 - 4kV0 - 1mA32 Channels
HTP-EHS 80-60x-105F0 - 6kV0 - 1mA8 Channels
HTP-EHS F0-60x-105F0 - 6kV0 - 1mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS 80-80x-105F0 - 8kV0 - 1mA8 Channels
HTP-EHS 40-100x-504F0 - 10kV0 - 0.5mA4 Channels
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.

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