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High Precision Floating Ground HV Modules

HTP-EHS-8-F2: High Precision Floating Ground HV Modules
Max. Voltage Model 10kV
Min. Power Model 6W
Max. Power Model 9W
Case Style Multi-Channel Module/6U Cassette
This series of high voltage cassettes provides up to 16 channels in a compact 6U cassette. Various crates are optionally available to accommodate between 4 and 10 modules in a desktop or rackmounting case. Crates can include front panel control and display along with ethernet, CAN & USB interfaces. The modules themselves provide an incredibly stable output with the lowest possible ripple and noise. Two current measurement ranges are provided as standard enabling readings into the nA scale.

Potentiometers are provided on the front panel for global adjustment of voltage and current limits. Individual channels can be controlled via the integrated CAN interface. The software allows any number of channels to be grouped together to follow the settings of the channel nominated as the master. Specific group behaviour can be programmed at a given event. One example would be a controlled ramp down should a current limit be breached.

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 Part NumberOutput VoltageOutput CurrentNumber of Channels
HTP-EHS 82-05x-1060 - 500V0 - 10mA8 Channels
HTP-EHS F2-05x-1060 - 500V0 - 10mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS 82-10x-8050 - 1kV0 - 8mA8 Channels
HTP-EHS F2-10x-8050 - 1kV0 - 8mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS 82-20x-4050 - 2kV0 - 4mA8 Channels
HTP-EHS F2-20x-4050 - 2kV0 - 4mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS 82-30x-3050 - 3kV0 - 3mA8 Channels
HTP-EHS F2-30x-3050 - 3kV0 - 3mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS 82-40x-2050 - 4kV0 - 2mA8 Channels
HTP-EHS F2-40x-2050 - 4kV0 - 2mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS 82-60x-1050 - 6kV0 - 1mA8 Channels
HTP-EHS F2-60x-1050 - 6kV0 - 1mA16 Channels
HTP-EHS 82-80x-1050 - 8kV0 - 1mA8 Channels
HTP-EHS 42-100x-5040 - 10kV0 - 0.5mA4 Channels
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