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Bidirectional High Voltage Modules

HTP-ESS: Bidirectional High Voltage Modules
Max. Voltage Model 20kV
Min. Power Model 40W
Max. Power Model 40W
Case Style Multi-Channel Module/6U Cassette
The HTP-ESS series of high voltage cassettes provides users with bidirectional operation. This allows either the sinking or sourcing of current to be programmed, which is ideal for requirements of electron optical systems and capacitive loads. A CAN interface is provided for remote operation. OPC control and a comprehensive GUI is available that allows control and monitoring of live output values. Specific events can be programmed, for example if a current trip limit is breached the output can be set to ramp down in a controlled manner. A common floating return helps minimise the voltage noise levels.

A variety of crates are available for housing each HTP-ESS. These range from a 4 slot desktop crate to a 10-slot rackmounting version with front panel display along with USB & Ethernet interfaces. High voltage modules from the HTP-EHS, HTP-EBS and HTP-EDS product families can also be operated from within the same crate.

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 Part NumberOutput VoltageOutput CurrentOutput Power
HTP-ESSp 100-4050 to +10kV0 to ±4mA40W
HTP-ESSn 100-4050 to -10kV0 to ±4mA40W
HTP-ESSp 200-2050 to -20kV0 to ±2mA40W
HTP-ESSn 200-2050 to -20kV0 to ±2mA40W
HTP-ESSp 300-1050 to +30kV0 to ±1mA30W
HTP-ESSn 300-1050 to -30kV0 to ±1mA30W
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.

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