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Compact High Voltage Capacitor Charger

HTP-LPDx: Compact High Voltage Capacitor Charger
Max. Voltage Model 70kV
Min. Power Model 320W
Max. Power Model 350W
Case Style Desktop
The HTP-LPDx series of high voltage sources provide up to 70kV at a maximum of 350W. Packaged in a compact desktop case the HTP-LPDx range are built with front panel control and a 4-digit LCD screen for both voltage and current. CAN & USB interfaces are provided as standard. Analogue, IEEE 488.2 and Ethernet interfaces are optionally available if required. These units utilise patented resonance mode techniques to achieve very high efficiencies.

The HTP-LPDx series are ideal for capacitor charging as they exhibit excellent repetition accuracies at high charge frequencies. The output is provided via a 3 metre shielded HV cable. Every unit in the range is operated from a wide input 85 to 264Vac, 50/60Hz input with built in power factor correction.

If a standard unit is not suitable then different voltage and current outputs are available on request. Similarly for OEM applications blank front panels and different case sizes can be specified.
Did you know...
  • The HTP-LPDx is available in a 19-inch rackmounting case, see here.

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 Part NumberMaximum PowerOutput VoltageOutput Current
HTP-LPDx 10 357 y350W0 - 1kV0 - 350mA
HTP-LPDx 20 177 y350W0 - 2kV0 - 175mA
HTP-LPDx 30 127 y350W0 - 3kV0 - 120mA
HTP-LPDx 50 706 y350W0 - 5kV0 - 70mA
HTP-LPDx 80 456 y350W0 - 8kV0 - 45mA
HTP-LPDx 100 356 y350W0 - 10kV0 - 35mA
HTP-LPDx 150 236 y345W0 - 15kV0 - 23mA
HTP-LPDx 200 186 y350W0 - 20kV0 - 18mA
HTP-LPDx 250 146 y350W0 - 25kV0 - 14mA
HTP-LPDx 300 126 y350W0 - 30kV0 - 12mA
HTP-LPDx 400 905 y350W0 - 40kV0 - 9mA
HTP-LPDx 500 705 y350W0 - 50kV0 - 7mA
HTP-LPDx 600 605 y350W0 - 60kV0 - 6mA
HTP-LPDx 700 505 y350W0 - 70kV0 - 5mA
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.

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