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Measurement & Test

Electronic test engineers use a variety of precision instruments for R&D, vendor verification, and production testing. ETPS can supply a number of general test instruments that can be used in stand alone mode or automated for high throughput testing.

Dedicated battery test systems with automatic charge and discharge modes with data logging are available. The standard 16 and 32 channel systems have range up to 5VDC ensuring their suitability for a wide variety of cells.

Expandable custom systems providing up to 400 channels can be specified with voltage and current ranges to suit.

Automatic power supply testers for single or multi-output PSU's are provided. Up to 12 test functions including PARD, Efficiency and regulation can be set up and sequenced to your testing requirements.

A compact test unit for checking the trip point of earth leakage circuit breakers is offered. Precision current shunts and a range of professional power meters able to handle up to 12kW are also available.

Did you know...
  • Please remember check our adjustable AC & DC Sources for power supply testing.
GT-4010A Digitising Power Meter

This range consists of 3 digitising power meters that are used to measure both AC & DC Loads. Each unit is built with front panel control and display and includes an IEEE 488.2 interface as standard.

A total of 6

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GT-7550 Precision Current Shunt

The GT-7550 model has five precision ultra stable current shunts which range from 0.001Ω to 10Ω. The internal current meter measures from 1mA to 250A. The five selector switches, shunts, binding posts and the inter...

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