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Precision Current Shunt

GT-7550: Precision Current Shunt
The GT-7550 model has five precision ultra stable current shunts which range from 0.001Ω to 10Ω. The internal current meter measures from 1mA to 250A. The five selector switches, shunts, binding posts and the internal 4½-digit AC/DC current meter display the respective shunt current.

By adding an external DVM of 5½-digits or higher the resolution and current read back accuracy can be increased. This compact unit is built into a 19" x 2U x 325mm case. Retractable feet provide a good view angle when the GT-7550 is used on the desktop. If cabinet mounting is required a flange kit is optionally available.
Product Family
 Part Number6 Current Ranges6 Shunt ValuesMax Input
GT-75500.02 - 200A0.001 - 10Ω0.04 - 250A
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