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Rectifier System

REC-E-3200-230-48-K21: Rectifier System
Max. Power Model 3.2kW
Min. Voltage Model 40VDC
Max. Voltage Model 60VDC
Max. Current Model 60A
Hot Swappable No
Outputs 8
The REC-E-3200-230-48-K21 rectifier system is ideal for Telecoms applications that require a rugged and reliable power source with active load sharing. The unit incorporates up to four modules and provides eight separate output terminals.

The system can be retrospectively expanded with additional modules to achieve a higher-performance or even provide a redundant system to grow with the requirements of your application. The optional controller module provides users with monitoring and remote control functions. A 230VAC output is also available when the inverter module is selected.
Product Family
 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage (per Module)Number of ModulesMax. System Current
REC-E-3200-600-230-48-1600W48VDC (40 - 60V)115A
REC-E-3200-600-230-48-21200W48VDC (40 - 60V)230A
REC-E-3200-600-230-48-31800W48VDC (40 - 60V)345A
REC-E-3200-600-230-48-42400W48VDC (40 - 60V)460A
REC-E-3200-800-230-48-1800W48VDC (40 - 60V)116A
REC-E-3200-800-230-48-21600W48VDC (40 - 60V)232A
REC-E-3200-800-230-48-32400W48VDC (40 - 60V)348A
REC-E-3200-800-230-48-43200W48VDC (40 - 60V)464A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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