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High Power Rectifier System

REC-HP-E: High Power Rectifier System
Max. Power Model 250kW
Min. Voltage Model 20VDC
Max. Voltage Model 1500VDC
Max. Current Model 4500A
Hot Swappable No
Outputs Single
Each high power REC-HP-E unit is incredibly compact, providing up to 15kW of power per 3U of rackmounting case.

The rectifier operates in constant voltage and constant current modes. A programmable DC output means that the unit can be honed to a specific application, ideal for many industrial processes such as electroplating and water treatment. A 10-turn digitally encoded potentiometer is provided for straightforward adjustment of output values via the front panel. ATE versions without a front panel are available, which are ideal for system integrations or remote applications.

Each unit has an RS-232 and isolated analogue interface with switchable ranging as standard. If computer control is required then any combination of Integrated RS485, GPIB, USB & LAN interfaces can be specified.

The product platform is incredibly flexible. Besides standard models, you can specify your own nominal voltage and current ranges often at no additional cost. For example, if you needed to power a device at exactly 850VDC/100kW, we can engineer a unit with those ranges without increasing price or lead time. Outputs up to 250kW are possible.

The REC-HP-E's compact design delivers high efficiencies of up to 94&perc;. A wide range of three phase AC input options are available, meaning the units can be operated anywhere worldwide. A single phase input is possible up to 10kW on request.

Where more functionality is required, an advanced version of the REC-HP-E is available. This model features a constant power mode and master/slave interface. An SD card slot is also possible with the advanced model, which allows specific output profiles to be implemented via simple text script. Did you know...

  • Your chosen REC-HP-E model can be built into a flightcase, providing a mobile power solution. Contact us for more information.
  • Conformal coating of the rectifier's boards is possible to protect them against high humidity, ideal for marine and shipborne applications. Other custom modifications are available.
  • The advanced version of the REC-HP-E is available here.
Product Family
 Part NumberMax. PowerOutput VoltageOutput Current
REC-HP-E 5205kW0 - 20VDC0 - 250A
REC-HP-E 5405kW0 - 40VDC0 - 125A
REC-HP-E 5805kW0 - 80VDC0 - 65A
REC-HP-E 51005kW0 - 100VDC0 - 50A
REC-HP-E 51505kW0 - 150VDC0 - 35A
REC-HP-E 53005kW0 - 300VDC0 - 17A
REC-HP-E 56005kW0 - 600VDC0 - 8.5A
REC-HP-E 58005kW0 - 800VDC0 - 6.25A
REC-HP-E 510005kW0 - 1000VDC0 - 5A
REC-HP-E 512005kW0 - 1200VDC0 - 4A
REC-HP-E 515005kW0 - 1500VDC0 - 3.4A
REC-HP-E 102010kW0 - 20VDC0 - 500A
REC-HP-E 104010kW0 - 40VDC0 - 250A
REC-HP-E 108010kW0 - 80VDC0 - 130A
REC-HP-E 1010010kW0 - 100VDC0 - 100A
REC-HP-E 1015010kW0 - 150VDC0 - 70A
REC-HP-E 1030010kW0 - 300VDC0 - 34A
REC-HP-E 1060010kW0 - 600VDC0 - 17A
REC-HP-E 1080010kW0 - 800VDC0 - 13A
REC-HP-E 10100010kW0 - 1000VDC0 - 10A
REC-HP-E 10120010kW0 - 1200VDC0 - 8A
REC-HP-E 10150010kW0 - 1500VDC0 - 7A
REC-HP-E 152015kW0 - 20VDC0 - 750A
REC-HP-E 154015kW0 - 40VDC0 - 375A
REC-HP-E 158015kW0 - 80VDC0 - 195A
REC-HP-E 1510015kW0 - 100VDC0 - 150A
REC-HP-E 1515015kW0 - 150VDC0 - 100A
REC-HP-E 1530015kW0 - 300VDC0 - 50A
REC-HP-E 1560015kW0 - 600VDC0 - 25A
REC-HP-E 1580015kW0 - 800VDC0 - 19A
REC-HP-E 15100015kW0 - 1000VDC0 - 15A
REC-HP-E 15120015kW0 - 1200VDC0 - 12A
REC-HP-E 15150015kW0 - 1500VDC0 - 10A
REC-HP-E 202020kW0 - 20VDC0 - 1000A
REC-HP-E 204020kW0 - 40VDC0 - 500A
REC-HP-E 208020kW0 - 80VDC0 - 250A
REC-HP-E 2010020kW0 - 100VDC0 - 200A
REC-HP-E 2015020kW0 - 150VDC0 - 133A
REC-HP-E 2030020kW0 - 300VDC0 - 66A
REC-HP-E 2060020kW0 - 600VDC0 - 33A
REC-HP-E 2080020kW0 - 800VDC0 - 26A
REC-HP-E 20100020kW0 - 1000VDC0 - 20A
REC-HP-E 20120020kW0 - 1200VDC0 - 16A
REC-HP-E 20150020kW0 - 1500VDC0 - 14A
REC-HP-E 302030kW0 - 20VDC0 - 1500A
REC-HP-E 304030kW0 - 40VDC0 - 750A
REC-HP-E 308030kW0 - 80VDC0 - 375A
REC-HP-E 3010030kW0 - 100VDC0 - 300A
REC-HP-E 3015030kW0 - 150VDC0 - 200A
REC-HP-E 3030030kW0 - 300VDC0 - 100A
REC-HP-E 3060030kW0 - 600VDC0 - 50A
REC-HP-E 3080030kW0 - 800VDC0 - 38A
REC-HP-E 30100030kW0 - 1000VDC0 - 30A
REC-HP-E 30120030kW0 - 1200VDC0 - 25A
REC-HP-E 30150030kW0 - 1500VDC0 - 20A
REC-HP-E 452045kW0 - 20VDC0 - 2250A
REC-HP-E 454045kW0 - 40VDC0 - 1125A
REC-HP-E 458045kW0 - 80VDC0 - 562A
REC-HP-E 4510045kW0 - 100VDC0 - 450A
REC-HP-E 4515045kW0 - 150VDC0 - 300A
REC-HP-E 4530045kW0 - 300VDC0 - 150A
REC-HP-E 4560045kW0 - 600VDC0 - 75A
REC-HP-E 4580045kW0 - 800VDC0 - 57A
REC-HP-E 45100045kW0 - 1000VDC0 - 45A
REC-HP-E 45120045kW0 - 1200VDC0 - 37A
REC-HP-E 45150045kW0 - 1500VDC0 - 30A
REC-HP-E 602060kW0 - 20VDC0 - 3000A
REC-HP-E 604060kW0 - 40VDC0 - 1500A
REC-HP-E 608060kW0 - 80VDC0 - 750A
REC-HP-E 6010060kW0 - 100VDC0 - 600A
REC-HP-E 6015060kW0 - 150VDC0 - 400A
REC-HP-E 6030060kW0 - 300VDC0 - 200A
REC-HP-E 6060060kW0 - 600VDC0 - 100A
REC-HP-E 6080060kW0 - 800VDC0 - 76A
REC-HP-E 60100060kW0 - 1000VDC0 - 60A
REC-HP-E 60120060kW0 - 1200VDC0 - 50A
REC-HP-E 60150060kW0 - 1500VDC0 - 40A
REC-HP-E 902090kW0 - 20VDC0 - 4500A
REC-HP-E 904090kW0 - 40VDC0 - 2550A
REC-HP-E 908090kW0 - 80VDC0 - 1125A
REC-HP-E 9010090kW0 - 100VDC0 - 900A
REC-HP-E 9015090kW0 - 150VDC0 - 600A
REC-HP-E 9030090kW0 - 300VDC0 - 300A
REC-HP-E 9060090kW0 - 600VDC0 - 150A
REC-HP-E 9080090kW0 - 800VDC0 - 112.5A
REC-HP-E 90100090kW0 - 1000VDC0 - 90A
REC-HP-E 90120090kW0 - 1200VDC0 - 75A
REC-HP-E 90150090kW0 - 1500VDC0 - 60A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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