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AC-DC Power Source

REC-MT: AC-DC Power Source
Max. Power Model 12kW
Min. Voltage Model 24VDC
Max. Voltage Model 220VDC
Max. Current Model 50A
Hot Swappable Yes
Outputs Single
The REC-MT are a series of rack mounting rectifier modules. Each unit is suitable as a standalone DC power source or as a dedicated battery charger. All parameters are programable via the dip switches on the front of the module. Alternatively they can be used with an optional control and monitoring unit, which delivers operating parameters via an internal RS485 bus. Modules will still operate with their default values if the monitoring unit is disconnected, therefore the continuity of all connected loads and the charging of batteries are guaranteed without any interruption.

Because the units are highly modular, it is possible to configure systems with multiple units per rack for higher power or n+1 redundant applications. The 3-phase models of the REC-MT series operate from a 3-wire, 3-phase mains input connection without neutral. The mating connector for input and output is supplied separately so the units can be used with or without a 19" sub-rack as long as correct airflow is allowed for. The robust construction with rugged metal handles make them ideal for industrial hot swap applications. These rectifiers are also ideal for high voltage power plants, substations, oil & gas installations and many other applications.
Product Family
 Part NumberOutput PowerVAC InputOutput VoltageNominal Current
REC-MT 24-30A-AN3900W350 - 460VAC21 - 29VDC30A @ 24V
REC-MT 24-50A-AN31500W350 - 460VAC21 - 29VDC50A @ 24V
REC-MT 48-50A-AN33kW350 - 460VAC40 - 58VDC50A @ 48V
REC-MT 110-20A-ANS3kW230VAC95 - 150VDC20A @ 132V
REC-MT 110-20A-AN33kW350 - 460VAC95 - 150VDC20A @ 143V
REC-MT 220-10A-ANS3kW230VAC190 - 300VDC10A @ 285V
REC-MT 220-10A-AN33kW350 - 460VAC190 - 300VDC10A @ 285V
REC-MT 48-100A-FC36kW350 - 460VAC40 - 58VDC100A @ 48V
REC-MT 110-40A-AN36kW350 - 460VAC95 - 150VDC40A @ 143V
REC-MT 220-20A-AN36kW350 - 460VAC190 - 300VDC20A @ 285V
REC-MT 220-20A-FC36kW350 - 460VAC190 - 300VDC20A @ 285V
REC-MT 220-40A-FC312kW350 - 460VAC190 - 300VDC40A @ 285V
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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