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AC Sources

EAC-MT Single Phase Motor Driven AC Source
EAC-MT-3P Three Phase Motor Driven AC Source
EAC-MT-SL Motor Driven AC Source
EAC-S Advanced Programmable AC Sources
EAC-3S Advanced 3 Phase Linear AC Sources
EAC-ACS-4Q Grid-tied 4 Quadrant Power Supply
EAC-5302A AC Source with Power Analyser
EAC-TABI Bidirectional 3 Phase AC Source
EAC-ABI AC Bidirectional Single Phase Systems
EAC-PAVS Programmable AC Voltage Source
EAC-TAVS Three Phase AC Voltage Source
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DC Sources

LAB-SMP Compact 1U Switch Mode Power Supply
LAB-TC Advanced High Power DC Sources
LAB-S Rackmounting Linear DC Power Supplies
LAB-HP Compact High Power DC Source
LAB-DSP High Density DC Power Source
LAB-DSPH Benchtop DC Power Supply
LAB-SMS Ultra Compact DC Power Supply
LAB-GSS Grid-Tied Bidirectional DC Supply
LAB-GSS-HC High Current Bidirectional DC Supply
LAB-HP-E Essential High Power DC Source
LAB-SMS-E Essential Ultra Compact DC Source
LAB-AUTO Autoranging DC Power Supply
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High Power DC Sources

LAB-ACO Thyristor Regulated High Power DC Source
LAB-IGBT High Power DC Source Cabinets
LAB-MOBI Multiple Output Bidirectional PSU
LAB-HPP Compact High Power DC Source
LAB-SCUBI Single Channel Bidirectional PSU
LAB-TCH Advanced High Power DC Stacks
LAB-GSSH High Power Bidirectional DC Supplies
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AC Loads

ELPA-3250 AC/DC Electronic Load
ELPA-3260 AC Electronic Load with adjustable PF
ELPA-32611 High Power AC Electronic Load
ELPA-SINE AC/DC Electronic Load
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DC Loads

ELP-3310F Dynamic DC Electronic Load Modules
ELP-3320 Static DC Electronic Load Modules
ELP-3350F High Current DC Loads
ELP-3360F High Voltage DC Loads
ELP-33500F High Current High Power DC Load
ELP-3360PF High Voltage High Power DC Loads
ELP-34105 Compact High Current DC Load
ELP-3340G LED Driver Testing Load
ELP-3330F Dual Channel DC Electronic Load
ELP-34205 High Current 600VDC Electronic Loads
ELP-GXS ReGen Load
ELP-34305 Dual Range High Voltage DC Loads
ELP-GXS-HC High Current ReGen Loads
ELP-HIVOLT High Voltage High Power DC Loads
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High Voltage

HTP-NHQ NIM High Voltage PSU
HTP-EHQ High Voltage PS in 3U Cassette
HTP-EHS-8-F0 Common GND HV Modules
HTP-EDS HV Common GND Distribution Modules
HTP-EHS-8-F6 Standard Precision Floating GND HV Modules
HTP-VHS-4 Multi Channel HV Modules in VME
HTP-APS High Voltage PCB Modules
HTP-BPS High Voltage PCB Modules
HTP-CPS High Voltage Modules
HTP-DPS Precision High Voltage Modules
HTP-EPS High Voltage Modules
HTP-HPx High Voltage Power Supply
HTP-HPDx Desktop High Voltage Sources
HTP-LPDx Compact High Voltage Capacitor Charger
HTP-LPx High Voltage Capacitor Charger
HTP-DPS-Mini Precision High Voltage Modules
HTP-EHS-8-F2 High Precision Floating Ground HV Modules
HTP-EBS 4 Quadrant HV Distribution Modules
HTP-NHS 6 Channel NIM High Voltage PSU
HTP-ESS Bidirectional High Voltage Modules
HTP-SHR High Precision HV Desktop PSU
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Rectifiers & Modular PSUs

REC-2400-230-110-K10 Rectifier System
REC-ZAT AC-DC Power Source
REC-500-230-48-K9 AC-DC Converter
REC-E-3200-230-48-K21 Rectifier System
REC-MT AC-DC Power Source
REC-HP-E High Power Rectifier System
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Battery Chargers

BC-ZAT Battery Charger
BC-REC-8400 AC-DC Converter
BC-5000 Battery Charger
BC-900-K1 DC-DC Converter for Battery Charging
BC-900-K2 DC-DC Converter for Ultra Capacitor Charging
BC-TC High Power Modular Battery Chargers
BC-HP-E Programmable High Power Chargers
BC-SMS-E High Voltage Programmable Charger
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DC-AC Inverters

INV-L-125W Stand Alone Inverter (Wall Mountable)
INV-L-250W Stand Alone Inverter (Wall Mountable)
INV-L-125T Stand Alone Inverters (Bench Casing)
INV-L-250T Stand Alone Inverters (Bench Casing)
INV-L-125C Stand Alone Inverters (Cassette)
INV-P Rackmounting DC-AC Sinewave Inverter
INV-B Rackmounting Inverter with Bypass
INV-W Heavy Duty & Railroad Inverters
INV-R Heavy Duty Inverters
INV-LAVA-2000 Modular Inverter System
INV-LAVA-4000 Modular Inverter System
INV-S Sinewave Inverters
INV-TC Sinewave Inverter Modules
INV-TC3P 3 Phase Sinewave Inverters
INV-R-6000 Heavy Duty Inverter
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DC-DC Converters

CON-300W Rail Approved Converter
CON-EURO Euro Cassette Converter
CON-5000 DC-DC Converter
CON-ZAT DC-DC Converter
CON-900-K3 DC/DC Converter for Critical Applications
CON-DSS Bidirectional DC-DC Converter
CON-HP-E Programmable High Power Converter
CON-SMS-E High Voltage DC-DC Converter
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Test & Measurement

GT-7550 Precision Current Shunt
GT-1000A Precision AC/DC Current Shunt
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HTP-ECH 4 - 10 slot multi-channel system for High Voltage PSUs
HTP-THQ 19-inch rack mounting unit with either 1, 2 or 3 channels for High Voltage PSUs
HTP-THQD Desktop unit with either 1 or 2 channels for High Voltage PSUs
CAN Overview of CAN Interface for High Voltage PSUs
INV-LAVA-BYP-120 120A Bypass for the INV-LAVA models
INV-LAVA-BYP-200 200A Bypass for the INV-LAVA models
INV-LAVA-CON Controller module for INV-LAVA models
UPSM-600-48-48 UPS Module for REC-2400-230-110-K10
Load Mainframes Datasheet for all AC/DC Load mainframes
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