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Bidirectional Power Supplies

Bidirectional power systems operate as either a programmable DC source or DC load. A wide range of nominal power, voltage and current outputs are possible.

Operating in quadrants 1 and 4, each bidirectional power supply is user programmable to source or sink current from a device under test. This is in contrast to bipolar power supplies which are programmable for positive or negative voltage, supplying source current only.

The all-in-one approach allows you to test almost any DC source or DC load, as high dynamics enable users to quickly switch between quadrants. Common applications include electric drive testing, battery pack emulation, characterising DC-DC converters, battery pack cycling and super capacitor simulation.

Bidirectional ETPS products give you the advantage of regenerating excess electrical energy back to the grid whilst in load mode. In comparison, traditional electronic loads waste 100% of reusable electrical energy by dissipating it as heat. By regenerating energy, users can save significant electricity costs while eliminating thermal issues associated with traditional loads.

If a standard product doesn’t fit your requirement then our systems can be modified for a specific application, including unusual voltage ramp profiles and faster response times. Products can also be ruggedised for protection against harsh environmental conditions.

  • Modular Configurations

    LAB-GSS modules of 20kW and 32kW nominals can be combined in a variety of parallel, series and matrix configurations into the low megawatt range. Standard modules are available with outputs up to 600V or 600A.

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  • High Power Cabinets

    When modularity is not required, the LAB-SCUBI is available in systems up to 2MW with wide operating ranges as standard. Selected models will operate as a load from 1000V down to 5V without current derating.

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  • Multi Channel Systems

    Multi channel LAB-MOBI systems from ETPS provide 2 or 4 output channels which are individually controllable for source and sink functions. The units often save cost when compared to separate bidirectional systems.

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  • DC-DC Converters

    A special series of CON-DSS bidirectional converters allow DC current flow in both directions. Input/output on the low side is programmable, while the high side of the converter is tied to a dedicated DC line.

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  • Rental Systems

    Our bidirectional rental units offer the perfect solution for any short term or ad-hoc projects. Using a rental system can reduce your capital expenditure dramatically.

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  • Application Software

    Application software is used to program hardware to replicate the behaviour of specific power components. GUIs for battery cycling, capacitor simulation, electric drive testing and battery emulation are available.

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