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AC Power Sources

A selection of single and three phase AC sources are available for rental. Adjustable output voltage, current and frequency is common throughout the range.

Modern electronic products must work under all types of input conditions, not just their ideal ones. The programmability of an AC source allows many line disturbances and non-ideal conditions to be recreated within a lab environment. By analysing devices in this way, potential design faults can be identified before mass production commences.

Common waveforms are pre-installed on selected units, with the ability to edit voltage and current. Models with adjustable frequency allow grid conditions for different countries to be simulated. This is ideal for testing products which are manufactured for foreign markets. Specific grid conditions such as brownouts or ripple control signals can be recreated.

EAC-S and EAC-5302A rental power supplies have pre-installed test sequences to perform pre-compliance checks against EN 61000-4-11. These regulations define the requirements and conditions to test how power systems behave under changes to the AC mains voltage. The three standard tests are voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variation immunity tests.

Aerospace power sources can also be accurately recreated, which commonly operate at frequencies of 400Hz and above. The three phase EAC-ST-3P is ideal for performing these types of tests at high power levels. Usefully the system has a high peak current capability and a fast response time, making it great at testing motors used within aviation.

Did you know...
  • We also provide a selection of new programmable AC sources.
  • If you require both AC source and sink functionality, four quadrant modules are available for purchase.


Motor Driven AC Source with SD Card


Where an adjustable frequency is not required, the EAC-MT offers a technically excellent solution. The power supply is user adjustable for voltage, current and power limits up to 1500VA. The output voltage has a fast setting speed of 100V/sec. The regulation and adjustment accuracy is 1.5%.

Control of the power supply is provided via the front panel, with output values displayed on a large blue screen. A number of computer interfaces are built into the system including LAN, USB, RS-232, RS-484, IEEE 488.2 (GPIB) and analogue.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
EAC-MT 30051500VA0 - 300V0 - 5ADatasheet


Advanced Linear AC Power Supply


The EAC-S is a linear AC power source with a single phase output of up to 500VA. Voltage, current and frequency limits are user programmable, with operation from 500Hz all the way down to DC level possible. Standard sine, triangular and square waves can be selected. A DC offset can be combined with the AC voltage, ensuring that almost any waveform can be created.

Front panel control is provided as well as a selection of computer interfaces. An SD memory card slot allows users to create custom waveforms using simple WAV or script files via a PC. The starting phase angle can be preset when the output is activated. A host of measurement functions are displayed via the front panel including true, apparent, reactive and peak values.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
EAC-S 500500VA 0 - 300Vrms / 0-425Vdc0 - 6ADatasheet


AC Source with Power Analyser


The EAC-5302A is a linear single phase AC source with an inbuilt power analyser. When used in conjunction with an ETPS DC load, the PSU provides real time analysis for the input/output power and efficiency of a device under test. External power supplies can also be accurately measured, with inrush currents tests up to 200A possible.

A large LCD panel screen displays 9 different key power measurements. A front panel memory function allows frequently used test parameters to be stored and quickly recalled. All EN 61000-4-11 regulatory tests are pre-programmed. A dedicated application mode simulates the power output of devices which use a TRIAC, such as small motor controls.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
EAC-5302A270VA10-150V (160-305V)0-2A (0-1A)Datasheet
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