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Advanced High Power DC Sources

LAB-TC: Advanced High Power DC Sources
Max. Voltage Model 1200V
Min. Power Model 10kW
Max. Power Model 32kW
Technology Switch Mode
Case Style Rack Mount

The LAB-TC range is a highly advanced series of programmable DC power supplies. The units are built into 19" racks and are available in 10kW, 16kW, 20kW and 32kW modules. Constant voltage, current and power operating modes are provided. The internal resistance can be adjusted making the LAB-TC range ideal for battery simulation. Remote sense is provided to compensate for the voltage drop in the load lines.

These DC Sources can be fitted with front panel control and an LCD display. Analogue and RS-232 interfaces are provided as standard. An easy to use, stand alone software program is also included. GPIB, CAN, RS-422 and USB are optionally available. LabVIEW and C/C++ is supported by reference libraries provided.

All regulation, monitoring and communication tasks are conducted by high performance micro-controllers and digital signal processors. This provides exceptional accuracy, reproducibility and long term stability. The PID parameters of the power supply's controllers can be configured to the needs of particular loads.

A built-in function generator option is offered with application area programming allowing the output to properly simulate actual devices such as solar panels, rotating generators, power stacks and fuel cells. Bipolar and bidirectional functionality with mains recycling options can also be specified. By employing the latest IGBT technology and innovative nano-crystalline transformers an excellent efficiency of up to 95% is achieved.

Did you know...
  • The LAB-TC can be operated in series mode to achieve up to 2kV.
Product Family
 Part NumberPowerVoltageCurrentHeight
LAB-TC 10-5210kW0 - 52V0 - 250A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 10-6510kW0 - 65V0 - 193A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 10-10010kW0 - 100V0 - 125A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 10-13010kW0 - 130V0 - 96A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 10-20010kW0 - 200V0 - 63A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 10-40010kW0 - 400V0 - 31A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 10-50010kW0 - 500V0 - 25A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 10-60010kW0 - 600V0 - 20A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 10-80010kW0 - 800V0 - 16A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 10-100010kW0 - 1000V0 - 13A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 16-5216kW0 - 52V0 - 400A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 16-6516kW0 - 65V0 - 308A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 16-10016kW0 - 100V0 - 200A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 16-13016kW0 - 130V0 - 153A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 16-20016kW0 - 200V0 - 100A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 16-40016kW0 - 400V0 - 50A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 16-50016kW0 - 500V0 - 40A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 16-60016kW0 - 600V0 - 32A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 16-80016kW0 - 800V0 - 25A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 16-100016kW0 - 1000V0 - 20A19" x 6U
LAB-TC 20-5220kW0 - 52V0 - 500A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 20-6520kW0 - 65V0 - 385A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 20-10020kW0 - 100V0 - 250A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 20-13020kW0 - 130V0 - 192A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 20-20020kW0 - 200V0 - 125A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 20-32020kW0 - 320V0 - 80A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 20-40020kW0 - 400V0 - 63A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 20-50020kW0 - 500V0 - 50A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 20-60020kW0 - 600V0 - 40A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 20-80020kW0 - 800V0 - 32A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 20-100020kW0 - 1000V0 - 25A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 20-120020kW0 - 1200V0 - 20A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 32-5232kW0 - 52V0 - 700A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 32-6532kW0 - 65V0 - 600A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 32-10032kW0 - 100V0 - 400A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 32-13032kW0 - 130V0 - 308A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 32-20032kW0 - 200V0 - 200A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 32-32032kW0 - 320V0 - 125A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 32-40032kW0 - 400V0 - 100A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 32-50032kW0 - 500V0 - 80A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 32-60032kW0 - 600V0 - 64A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 32-80032kW0 - 800V0 - 50A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 32-100032kW0 - 1000V0 - 40A19" x 9U
LAB-TC 32-120032kW0 - 1200V0 - 33A19" x 9U
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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