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Rectifier/Modular PSUs

A rectifier converts an AC voltage to a DC voltage. Common industries ETPS systems are found in include electroplating, energy storage, water treatment and telecoms.

Our selection of heavy duty rectifiers start at 250W, rising up to hundreds of kilowatts. All common voltage levels are catered for. We offer a variety of features for different models, such as a UPS for protection against brown-outs, inverter modules for running AC devices, additional AC inputs with automatic switchover and hot swap modules for redundancy.

All ETPS units are built to last. An MTBF of over 50 years is common for many of our highly robust and reliable designs. Selected models will operate at up to 55°C without derating. For harsh environments, extended temperature ranges of -40°C to +70°C can be specified.

When purchasing one of our industrial rectifiers, a variety of case styles are available including 19" rackmount, desktop and wall mounted units. Both single and three phase inputs are possible. We also provide battery charging options for selected models, allowing you to carry out automatic tests at regular intervals to check the battery status and capacity.

If the device you're powering has a non-standard voltage from 20V up to 1500V, output nominals from the high power REC-HP-E can be modified for free. So for example, if you required an 850Vdc high voltage rectifier at 100kW, this would have no impact on price or lead time. The unit provides programmable constant voltage and constant current operation.

Did you know...
  • Units in our DC source category can be built with fixed outputs.
  • If you need a custom rectifier or AC/DC power supply, our positive people will look to provide a modified solution.
  • Should you require a pulsed DC output for an application such as electroplating, then the LAB-TC can be built with a function generator to implement user defined DC bursts.

The chart below demonstrates our product ranges flexibility in meeting a wide range of varying requirements.
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