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High Voltage Power

Our rental high voltage PSUs provide highly stable outputs up to 20kVdc. Precision units are available with adjustable current into the picoamp range.

Programmable voltage ramps are possible, which allow specific output profiles to be achieved. Both positive and negative polarity models are available, as well as units with user switchable polarity. PSUs with dual output channels that are independently controllable also feature within the range.

For critical applications where low noise and high stability are paramount, then the HTP-NHQ is the best option. The unit features a current range resolution of 100pA via a CAN interface.

Due to their exceptional technical features, high voltage PSUs from ETPS are commonly used in high energy physics and nuclear test environments. Specific applications include powering silicon photomultipliers and mass spectrometers, as well as generating X-rays and plasma.

All of our high voltage power supplies are built with advanced resonance mode technology. This makes them among the lightest, smallest and most efficient units on the market. Various case styles are available including 6U cassettes, desktop units and compact modules.

Did you know...


High Precision Dual Channel NIM Cassette


This HTP-NHQ cassette is from the high precision range and features two user adjustable outputs up to 6kV. It has an improved low current range enabling a resolution of 1nA via the display and 100pA via a CAN interface. Output polarity is switchable and the voltage ramp time can be adjusted via a computer interface after switch on.

A recessed 10 position limit switch is provided for both voltage and current. This can be set to help protect sensitive loads against accidental user error. The unit is often found in sensing and detection systems, where low noise and high stability are paramount. Typical industries the HTP-NHQ is used in include medical, nuclear and particle physics.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
HTP-NHQ 246L6W2 x 0 - 6kV2 x 0 - 1mADatasheet


5kV Module with Negative Polarity


Employing a patented resonance mode principle, the HTP-EPS series demonstrates impressive stability and regulation. The unit also feature very low electromagnetic interference. A -5kV output is supplied by the PSU from a 24V input. The output is provided via a bare ended high voltage cable

A 0-10V analogue interface allows for control and measurement of voltage and current limits. The high voltage power supply is built into a compact metal case.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
HTP-EPn 50-12660W0 - 5kV0 - 12mADatasheet


HV Modules with Highly Stable Outputs


Our 10W HTP-CPS modules provide an incredibly stable high voltage output with low ripple and noise. Models are available with an adjustable output of up to either -20kV or +5kV from a 24V input. Each unit is built into a compact metal case.

The output is provided via a 600mm bare ended HV cable. Output limits are set and enabled over analogue interface via a D-Sub connector, with the ability to monitor V & I values. The units also feature very low electromagnetic interference.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
HTP-CPp 50-20510W0 - 5kV0 - 2mADatasheet
HTP-CPn 200-50410W0 - 20kV0 - 0.5mADatasheet
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